[Modesto Bee] MID Awaits Round 2 with Solar Industry

January 28, 2016
Rooftop solar incentives are expected to drop when Modesto Irrigation District leaders alter their subsidy policy in a few weeks, but the change shouldn’t affect 2,475 current solar customers.  The MID board has not exactly been…

Be Bright, Go Solar!

Stop paying unpredictably high energy rates and choose a cleaner source of energy to power your home, business, farm or other type of property. California Building Structures Inc. provides customized residential, commercial and agricultural solar solutions.  Solar energy is an efficient solution that will lower your energy costs, and help the environment.

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Going Solar May Not Be As Expensive As You Think!

Tax Credits & Incentives

Though switching to solar saves you and your family money every month on your utility bill, we understand many families need help with the initial cost involved with making the switch.  There are several programs available from the government as well as private companies that are designed to help families go-green by switching to solar energy.

Federal Tax Credit


Home and property owners that install an approved solar system by the end of 2015 are able to claim up to 30 percent of the cost of their system as a tax credit for that year.  The 30 percent is taken directly off of your tax payment, not deducted from your taxable income.

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Federal Tax Credit

CA-Building-Structures_HERO Program Image

HERO Program

  •   $0 Down Payment
  •   No FICO Score Required
  •   100% of Installed Costs Financed
  •   Transferable If Property Is Sold
  •   Payments are made with Property Taxes

HERO partners with local governments to offer safer, smarter financing. Property owners can now finance energy efficient improvements with the HERO Financing Program. Thousands of energy and water efficient products are eligible for HERO Financing.  For more information, please visit heroprogram.com

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The Mosaic Home Solar Loan


We’ve partnered with Mosaic to make it easy to go solar and maximize your savings.   The loan application process is simple, and they provide a loan for the full cost of the solar panels and installation.

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The Environment Will Thank You.